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Long ago a teacher believed in your success; pay it forward.

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Position Summary

Travel to schools in a timely manner, carry out the instructions of the absent teacher, and foster a positive classroom environment in order to maximize instructional time. Candidates need to be prompt, professional, and reliable.


Why We're Here

  • We believe there is innocence in every human being

  • That one person can change a kid’s life forever

  • That each moment in the classroom has the potential to inspire and spark curiosity

  • And that it is our responsibility to provide environments for young people to thrive


Essential Duties

  • Carry out lesson plan instructions from the classroom teacher, and/or create lesson plans in absence of a prepared lesson; ensure all material is covered

  • Create and maintain a discipline and classroom control that fosters a safe and productive learning environment in accordance with school policies

  • Create and maintain a climate of respect and fairness for all students

  • Respond and report to "call-ins" in a timely manner

  • Maintain professional appearance that adheres to school policies


Additional Requirements

  • At least 1 year experience of working with young people

  • Bachelor's degree(s) or higher

  • Ability to establish professional working relationships with students and staff

  • Excellent promptness and time management skills