Since 2011 we've partnered with schools throughout Chicago and Denver. We work with a majority of charters in Chicago, some of the highest performing networks in Denver, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, New York, Phoenix, Indianapolis, and we're expanding to new cities. 

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Our Guest Teachers are vetted and trained to deliver your lessons, culture and expectations on all days of teacher absence.




Former teachers founded CSTN. We all come from the classroom and have extensive experience working in low-income schools. We’ve served as teachers, administrators, guest teachers, and more. We have the experience and insight to identify effective teachers, and we know how to seamlessly place them in your classrooms.


From job posting, to onboarding, to teacher placement and training, and more, our mission is woven into every aspect of our being. We have a responsibility and commitment to facilitate dynamic learning opportunities that will help students realize their full potential.

Teacher Corps

We rigorously vet our teaching candidates for experience and mission-alignment, and we work with our partner schools to ensure our Guest Teachers are thoroughly aware of their culture and expectations before entering the classroom. Our teachers are down for the cause, and will persevere through any obstacle to do what’s best for students.


We cultivate a vibrant community of support and collaboration. Our teachers share resources, experiences, lessons learned, and more. Our community is a safe place to learn, struggle, and succeed as one.


Since 2011 we’ve earned a reputation for providing the highest quality Guest Teachers. Our ability to execute on our mission has allowed us to work with numerous schools. As we grow, we would love the opportunity to show you first hand why we're different.